Get an overview of real-time market data and more

ETP FIX Pricing Manager provides the option of subscribing to FIX market data.

[ETP FIX Pricing Manager is an add-on module to ETP Studio for FIX]

The ETP FIX Pricing Manager represents market data streams and quote streams in an intuitive visual manner to immediately spot potential problems with market-data streams. Market data is presented in a book-handling fashion, both incremental and snapshot streams, whilst quote streams are presented in a Request for Stream view allowing you to experience what your client would when interfacing to your API.

ETP FIX Pricing Manager supports the following functionality:

  • Subscribe to FIX market data.
  • Modify and store subscriptions.
  • Analyze price information.
  • Easily hit real-time FIX market data.
  • and many more features...

ETP Studio for FIX - Market Data Manager

Market Data Manager

ETP FIX Pricing Manager provides easy editing and saving of market data request messages.

ETP Studio for FIX - Market Data Subscription

Market Data Subscription

Take an overview of each market stock that interests you, easily send subscribe/unsubscribe requests, analyze or hit real-time FIX market data, easily find the best bids and offers, cumulative quantity and average price, observe market trades and more.

ETP Studio for FIX - Market Depth

Market Depth

ETP FIX Pricing Manager provides the option of subscribing to FIX quoting data as well.

ETP Studio for FIX - Request For Quote Manager

Request For Quote Manager

For more information on FIX Pricing Manager please contact Esprow Sales.

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[email protected] FIX Order Manager

Replace your FIX-based trading client with a versatile order management system to enter, amend and cancel orders, manage executions, examine and modify FIX messages before they are sent downstream; edit tag values and even create unknown FIX tags to effectively exercise your FIX API, including malformed messages.