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Francesco is the founder of Esprow, a multi-national FinTech company with offices in New York, Tokyo, Singapore, Pune, and St. Petersburg.

Francesco self-funded and bootstrapped Esprow in Singapore, without external investments. In less than 6 years he grew Esprow from a 2-people company in a room on the outskirts of Singapore to a global market-leader in automated testing of financial systems. Esprow's clients include global marquee investment banks, national stock exchanges, and tier-1 equity broker/dealers in New York, London, the EU, Asia Pacific, and Japan. Consistent double and triple digits growth throughout the company's history.

Francesco is both a technologist, with a BEng in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, specializing in neural networks applied to speech recognition, and a business person. He has deep on-the-field experience in both technology and business: software design & development (Java, C++), and product development. He has spearheaded, secured, and negotiated global IP licensing agreements with bulge-bracket banks across the globe, and experience defining business strategies, bringing products to market, C-suite enterprise sales, global IP licensing, and negotiations. He has incorporated, grown, and managed Esprow's subsidiaries in multiple global jurisdictions, spanning from American LLCs to Japanese KKs, and a lot in between. Francesco has the confidence and unrelenting drive to build Esprow's business from the ground up - from idea to profitability. Commitment, focus, and vision is what he brings to Esprow. His mantras are: quality over quantity - integrity over profitability - the right way over the easy way - the journey is the reward. "Everybody in my team is much better than me at doing what they do - that's why I hired them."