Leverage professional and engineering services from testing experts

Esprow ETP's technology roadmap is mostly driven by our clients, through their feedback and requirements. There might be times though when you might want to boost areas of your testing practice. Whether through training, installation service or custom application enhancements, our professional services team is ready to support you, whichever testing project you are embarking on.

On-Site System Installation

You can elect to engage us to carry out installation and initial setup of Esprow ETP applications.

Service Description

Esprow staff will install the licensed application on the target hardware: specifically

  • For ETP client applications they will be installed on each user's workstation up to the number of purchased licenses.
  • For ETP server applications we will collaborate with your staff to carry out the installation within your data centre.

As part of the installation Esprow can perform basic application configuration, ensure that protocol connectivity functions as expected and that the applications perform as from functional specifications.

At the end of the service delivery Esprow will hand over the applications to your staff, together with reports detailing the results of the process and eventual remarks as necessary.

On-Site Comprehensive Training

You can elect to engage us to deliver training of the ETP applications to your staff.

Service Description

  • An Esprow trainer will prepare adequate training material for the subject matter based upon the licensed Esprow ETP applications, intended mode of usage and pre-agreed objectives.
  • Once on-site the Esprow trainer will prepare the training room to deliver interactive demonstrations of the ETP applications.
  • The Esprow trainer will conduct comprehensive and in-depth training of the ETP applications, including how to build test units, best practices, Tips & Tricks and answers to users' questions.

On-Site Professional Services

Esprow experienced consultants are available for short, medium and long-term engagements to deliver testing, simulation and certification services.

At a high level, our professional services staff are available to understand the challenges faced during the testing, simulation and certification phases of your application management lifecycle. Upon completion of an initial analysis they can be tasked with building a comprehensive suite of Esprow ETP artefacts that implement the functionality you need:

  • shorten application time to market
  • increase the quality of deliverables
  • automated certification of applications against compliance requirements
  • build simulation environments that leverage available human and technical resources

Custom Application Enhancements

Our development centers in Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo can deliver customized software solutions to adapt our existing capabilities to your most challenging requirements.

Our team of software engineers, under the supervision of a project manager or chief architect, can work with you to discuss the issues at hand, summarize the requirements and draft a roadmap for a custom solution to be integrated within you existing ETP deployment.

Example of custom solutions include:

  • Protocol Plug-Ins for in-house or 3rd-party protocols
  • Interfaces to new data sources
  • Performance optimisation
  • Development of custom Testing commands
  • Custom Transport Layer Codecs