Deliver more enterprise functionality, automatically, safely, and quickly.

Automate API and functional testing of financial systems connected via JMS or custom adapters, with ETP Studio JMS Plugin.

At a time when middleware technologies evolve quickly, it is important to select a testing framework that can keep up with that rate of change.
Esprow ETP Studio JMS Plugin opens up a world of efficiencies by carrying out complete regression testing of financial systems connected to the JMS service bus, end-to-end and across asset classes.

JMS - Connectivity Diagram

JMS Connectivity Diagram

Increase Automation

ETP Studio delivers end-to-end automated testing of your enterprise messaging architecture. From build to deploy, ETP Studio provides a toolset for integration into your continuous delivery chain.

Achieve Compliance

Leverage ETP Studio's centralized reporting to fulfil financial compliance and audit requirements. Provide increased visibility into the testing and release process to all stakeholders.

Extensive Capabilities

Achieve complete regression testing of every component and sub-system before every release. Test individual API services provided by different business modules connected to the JMS bus. Exercise 100% of your business functionality, across the trade life-cycle and trading functions. Verify functionality verticals, such as trading, risk and connectivity; and horizontals, like multiple asset classes. Test the integration of all parts of your JMS Service Oriented Architecture. Prevent breach of trading limits, trading rules and guarantee mission critical trading capabilities.

Modular System

Extend ETP Studio capabilities with numerous plug-ins, including:

  • Custom Protocol Adapters
  • Custom Codec Adapters
  • Performance Measurement Package
  • GUI Testing Package
  • Continuous Integration/Delivery Package

API Message Dictionaries

ETP Studio provides a rich toolset to create and manage API message dictionaries (XML files defining every field and message supported by your system API). This feature provides you with an official repository of all your financial APIs, which can be shared by everyone in your team.

Esprow ETP - Studio Multi-Protocol - Dictionary

API Message Dictionary

Extensive codec Support

ETP Studio JMS gives you access to the OSI's layer 6 (the Presentation Layer) to plug in your own message codecs. This enables you to use any encoding you need, like ASN.1, Google Protocol Buffers or in-house custom codecs; you can easily switch between codecs without changing any of your test scripts.

Direct Access to JMS Features

ETP Studio exposes all configuration parameters of the transport layer so you can fine-tune how test scripts connect to your applications. Whether you need to configure multiple topics or queues, guaranteed messaging or any other JMS feature, you have complete and easy access to all of them through a simple configuration dialog, including which codec to use for message encoding and decoding.

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