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Web-based toolbox for fix session testing

All the FIX tools you need from the comfort of your browser.

ETP T-Box is the most versatile tools box for all your FIX testing, directly from the browser. You can configure your FIX sessions parameters, including SSL/TLS certificates, upload your dictionaries, and you will be ready to test your FIX sessions in no time.

With ETP T-Box, you can configure all your client and server sessions and spin them off with a click. After logging in, you can monitor your FIX message flow, inspect tags, send FIX messages, or generate responses.

For large team, ETP T-Box lets you share sessions with your colleagues. Everybody in the team seas the same data in real-time and can collaborate on session testing, share template, and cooperate on complex testing scenarios.

Jump of the bandwagon and join the many QA Analyst and FIX Support specialists that use ETP T-Box every day!

Client Simulator

Simulate client FIX sessions (Initiators).
ETP T-Box Client Simulator lets you initiate incoming FIX sessions to simulate your clients or trading counterparties.

Server Simulator

Simulate server FIX sessions (Acceptors) or other trading venues.
ETP T-Box Server Simulator lets you accept incoming FIX sessions to simulate trading venues or your own trading system.
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