Automated testing of Fidessa® hosted and enterprise systems.

The most powerful framework to achieve complete regression testing of Fidessa business workflows.

Esprow ETP for Fidessa OpenAccess opens up a world of efficiencies by carrying out complete regression testing of all your Fidessa business workflows, across all modules, in minutes. It connects to each and every component of your Fidessa platform: OMAR, TMAR, PMAC, EMMA, AMMA, JMIS, CTAC, and so on, and exercises 100% of their business functionality through their OpenAccess and FIX APIs.

Because of ETP Studio's unique support for concurrent multi-protocol connections you can connect to multiple Fidessa components, whether OpenAccess or FIX, at the same time, and execute complex business scenarios to realize full end-to-end testing.

Imagine being able to automate a complex test scenario involving DMA client-flow coming through a FIX gateway and being forwarded to Fidessa TOP; split and work orders through EMMA/AMMA/JMIS, simulating different types of fills; completing all orders and notifying executions back to your clients via FIX. All of this is possible in ETP Studio for Fidessa with one single test script.

See OpenAccess messages like you have never seen them before:

Esprow ETP - Studio for Fidessa - OA Message

Fidessa OpenAccess Message Editor

Maintain OpenAccess message specifications and dictionaries in the same way as FIX specifications and ROEs:

Esprow ETP - Studio for Fidessa - OA Dictionary

Fidessa OpenAccess Message Dictionary

Leverage unique features

ETP Studio for Fidessa OpenAccess is the only toolset that lets you connect to the Fidessa RTD (Real-Time Database) to create and execute SQL queries in real-time, including auto-completion of tables' and fields' names. You can then use RTD data into your test scripts, on messages and responses — including creating scripts that validate the consistency of your FDA reference data.

With a unique package of test commands for Fidessa you can test all types of services exposed by your platform, including:

  • OA Request/Reply services
  • OA Query services
  • OA RDS services
  • OA Publisher/Subscriber services
  • OA Transaction Service
  • System Failovers

Check out the list of features in ETP Studio for Fidessa or download a brochure from the right-side menu.

Reduce Fidessa® testing cycles from weeks to hours.

Modernize your Fidessa delivery cycles. Automate testing. Upgrade more often.

Here below is a high-level list of some ETP Studio for Fidessa's capabilities:

Regression Testing

Achieve complete regression testing of the Fidessa platform capabilities before every release.

  • Standard Trading Workflows
  • Custom Trading Workflows
  • Post-Upgrade Checks
  • Post-Migration Checks

Functional Testing

Test individual services provided by different Fidessa business modules.

  • Transaction Handlers (ETH, OrdSvr, etc.)
  • Query Servers (OA Query Protocols)
  • Stream Servers (RDS Protocols)
  • OA Pub/Sub, Req/Rep, Query and RDS

Unit Testing

Exercise 100% of your business functionality, across the trade lifecycle and trading functions.

  • Order Entry, Execution and Booking
  • Principal and Agency Trading
  • Position Keeping
  • Order Routing

System Testing

Verify functionality 'verticals' provided by Fidessa and across business areas.

  • High-Touch STP Chain
  • DMA STP Chain
  • Algo Trading Frameworks (BlueBox)
  • Back Office/Settlement Systems

Integration Testing

Test the integration of the Fidessa platform within the trading architecture.

  • FIX Connectivity (FIX Engine or Fidessa Express)
  • Down Steam Systems (Middle & Back Office)
  • Global Order Management & Routing
  • External Interfaces (MD, MQ, JMS, etc.)

Security Testing

Guarantee trading limits constraints and mission critical capabilities.

  • Trading Limits
  • Access Control (APAS)
  • Pre-Trade/Post-Trade Checks
  • Fail-Over Scenarios

Performance Testing

Monitor and prevent performance degradation.

  • Messages Throughput & Latency.
  • System Failover

Static Data Testing

Ensure consistency of reference and trading data.

  • Consistency of reference data (FDA)
  • Trading Data Upload (FidToSyb)

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