Automate FIX certification and onboarding of exchange members and counterparties

ETP C-Box is the industry's most advanced platform to automate FIX protocol certification and onboarding of all inbound connectivity for exchanges, MTFs and brokers.

At a time of increasing market regulation and compliance requirements, financial firms face the challenge of having to certify large number of counterparties often and accurately while also keeping control of costs and still delivering outstanding service.

The Enterprise Testing Platform (ETP) C-Box delivers unparalleled technology to streamline the process of certifying connectivity of exchange members and counterparties and speed up onboarding processes, enabling clients to be up and running in no time.

Engineered to deliver concurrent FIX certification of multiple connecting counterparties across multiple protocols and exchange/broker platforms. Designed with compliance in mind, including secure-storage of connectivity logs, sign-off documents, fault tolerance and high availability; Multiple deployment options include in-house within your datacenter or delivered as a managed service.

Transition from inefficient on-boarding processes to a fully automated platform.

ETP C-box is proven to reduce the duration of your FIX certification cycles from months down to days. Multiple exchange members can connect simultaneously to your staging environment and carry out tests round-the-clock and completely unsupervised, reducing the time it takes to organize and execute the on-boarding process. Removing the vast amount of manual log verification hours, and providing a simple-to-manage, large-scale, firm-wide solution.

Whether you are an exchange looking to streamline complex member-certification processes or a broker seeking to offer a modern on-boarding platform to your counterparties, the ETP C-Box offers a plethora of features to manage, automate and audit your entire FIX certification process. This advances your firm's visibility and provides you with a clear competitive advantage by enabling profitable clients’ trading flows quicker.

Support for All Exchange Technologies and Financial Protocols

ETP C-Box is built upon specialist technology that delivers automated FIX certification across multiple protocols, including NASDAQ® Genium INET® [OMnet] - Esprow is the only independent platform on the market that supports this.

Protocols supported include:

  • NASDAQ® Genium INET® [OMnet]
  • SoupBinTCP
  • MoldUDP64
  • JPX Arrowhead® [TSE Arrowhead®]
  • Euronext® UTP Direct®
  • LSE® MIT®
  • FIX (standard or dialects, over TCP or other transports)
  • TIBCO® Rendezvous/EMS
  • IBM® WebSphere® MQ
  • Informatica® Ultra Messaging® (29West®)
  • Solace®
  • JMS/Custom Protocol Implementations
  • and many more...

Check out the list of features in ETP C-Box or download a brochure from the right-side menu.

Rich Functionality

Esprow ETP C-BOX delivers fast and audited on-boarding, streamlining the certification process through a simple web-based process.

  • Simple and Intuitive Certification Tests
  • Positive and Negative Test Cases
  • Business-Level Message Validation
  • Protocol-Level Message Validation
  • Real-Time Operator Monitoring and Support
  • Real-Time Monitoring of Active Sessions
  • Individual and Bulk Email Notifications to Counterparties
  • Interactive Self-Assessment Certification Tests
  • Upload and Repository of Counterparty Documents
  • Customizable Email Alerts and Document Wiki
  • Certification Reports
  • Project Management and Certification Progress Support

Enterprise Ready

Designed for multi-user/multi-team tenancy, Esprow ETP C-BOX provides enterprise-grade access control, support and scalability.

  • Round-The-Clock (24/7) Certification
  • Supported by Esprow Professional Services
  • On-Premise and On-Cloud Deployments
  • Support for White-Labelling
  • Multi-Environment Support
  • Multi-Language Support

Extensive Protocol Support

Esprow ETP C-BOX supports both binary and non-binary protocols (e.g. all FIX versions/dialects). Dictionaries and tests are easily kept up-to-date with evolving rules of engagement.

  • FIX 4.0, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 5.0, 5.0SP1, 5.0SP2
  • Exchange Protocols (NASDAQ® Genium INET® [OMnet], ITCH/OUCH, Euronext® UTP, etc.)
  • Configurable Counterparty Trading Profiles
  • Support for Multiple Trading Profiles
  • Support for Simulated or UAT Responses
  • Audit and Retention of Certification Logs
  • Integrated Rules of Engagement Browser
  • Source Control Management Integration
  • Repository for Sigh-Off Certification Documents
  • Real-Time Counterparty Alerts
  • Self-Explanatory Application Tours
  • Dynamic Test Assignment via simple Q&As

Low Entry Barrier

Accessible via a web browser, Esprow ETP C-BOX lets clients certify their connectivity without any configuration or development necessary.

  • Fast and Simple Deployment
  • No Hardware or Software Required
  • Can be delivered fully implemented
  • Supported by Esprow Global Offices
  • Clear User Manuals
  • Deliverable as Phased Deployment

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