Put a FIX-based mini exchange on your PC

Connect your counterparties to a FIX-based exchange running on your PC for interactive ad-hoc FIX testing.

When you need to carry out ad-hoc testing of incoming connectivity from your counterparties nothing beats being able to receive each of their FIX messages and design each response. Take control of each message on the wire: receive their orders, acknowledge them or reject them, create partial and full fills, put the exchange in auto-fill mode, and much more.

With ETP FIX Exchange Simulator you gain a better understanding of what your trading counterparties are sending you. You can collaborate with them in real-time to carry out ad-hoc testing by replying to their messages with defined or undefined FIX messages and tags to test the reliability of their outgoing FIX sessions.

ETP Studio for FIX - Exchange Simulator

FIX Exchange Simulator

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FIX Order Manager

Replace your FIX-based trading client with a versatile order management system to enter, amend and cancel orders, manage executions, examine and modify FIX messages before they are sent downstream; edit tag values and even create unknown FIX tags to effectively exercise your FIX API, including malformed messages.