Central Repository for FIX and non-FIX Protocol Specifications

ETP S-Box is a centralized repository to store, browse, and edit FIX and non-FIX message specifications across the enterprise.

Brokers and connectivity providers manage many types of message specifications. For example, FIX message specifications for different trading venues, binary protocol specification for exchanges they connect to, and FIX API specifications for individual clients. ETP S-Box provides a centralized repository that makes it easy to store and share message specifications used across the company. Users can browse a list of all specification available and drill down into the definition of messages and fields. They can edit, share, and export to PDF, Excel, and other formats. ETP S-Box also offers a REST API to import message specifications programmatically into other systems, like FIX engines and exchange line handlers. ETP S-Box is a must-have for any broker wanting to centralize management of FIX and non-FIX (including proprietary) message protocols specifications to avoid duplication and save time.

ETP S-Box FIX Browser

ETP S-Box FIX Parser

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