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Singapore, January 23rd 2017 - Esprow releases support for OUCH and ITCH protocols in ETP Studio.

Esprow releases support for OUCH and ITCH protocols in ETP Studio.

Singapore, January 23, 2017– Esprow Pte. Ltd., a provider of enterprise testing technology for the financial markets, announces support for the OUCH and ITCH protocols within Esprow’s ETP Studio, a multi-protocol tool for regression testing of financial systems.

This new functionality delivers wider end-to-end testing of financial systems based on OUCH and ITCH, including support for SoupBinTCP session management and the GLIMPSE protocol, according to the Managing Director, Francesco Lo Conte, who heads up Esprow Sales & Marketing in Asia Pacific.

“Our technology roadmap is strongly client-driven and we constantly collect feedback from our users to channel it back into our products. New and existing exchanges, trading venues and financial institutions are opting to complement their FIX-based connectivity by also offering access via OUCH-based and ITCH-based protocols, for trading and market data. This has led to an increased demand from market participants for solutions that automate testing and simulation of these APIs.”

He added: "Our suite of ETP applications continues to grow with the launch of new products and integrations. Our most recent additions include version 2.1.0 of ETP C-Box, our platform for automated onboarding of exchange members and broker counterparties that helps our clients fulfilling many requirements under MiFID II regulatory technical standards 6 and 7. We remain focused on listening to our user base and delivering against our clients’ most pressing needs."

Esprow’s revenues and geographical footprint have increased significantly year over year since it was founded in Singapore in 2008. In addition to its Singapore headquarters, Esprow is also present in Hong Kong, London and Tokyo.

About Esprow

Esprow is a global technology firm specializing in automated testing, on-boarding and simulation solutions for the financial services community. Esprow provides implementation, customization, integration, training and professional services for its Enterprise Testing Platform suite of products.

About Esprow’s Enterprise Testing Platform (Esprow ETP)

Esprow ETP automates testing, simulation and certification of trading components across a wide range of financial messaging protocols, including FIX. Launched in 2012, Esprow ETP is an integrated testing framework that addresses the requirements and challenges of the development, QA and risk management departments. ETP is quickly grabbing the attention of the industry’s most forward-looking players aiming to automate testing, reduce technology risk, and comply with global regulations for testing of trading systems and algorithmic trading strategies.

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Francesco Lo Conte - Managing Director
Tel: +65 6391 9430

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