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FIX Client Certification for MiFID II

A fast and effective solution to automate your MiFID II compliance certification requirements.

Remaining compliant with MiFID II's demanding regulatory technical standards is challenging and expensive. We aim to help you deliver it efficiently and effectively.

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Whether yours is a Regulated Market, a Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF), or an Organized Trading Facility (OTF), you face the same challenges when conducting annual risk-based assessments of your client's FIX connectivity. Esprow's ETP C-Box helps you meet these challenges quickly, easily and efficiently, while ensuring that you remain in control of your compliance costs.
[Ref: MiFID II ‐ RTS 7 ‐ Chapter II, Article 7]

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ETP C-Box - Certification Pipeline

Effective and efficient. You need to be both.

MiFID II compliance is no easy task. You must comply promptly and accurately with challenging regulatory requirements across multiple aspects of your business. You are charged with contributing to the stability of financial markets. But you also must keep control of costs and deliver unparalleled client services. ETP C-BOX adaptation for MiFID can be deployed and configured quickly, within heterogeneous trading environments, without dependencies on existing systems, to hit the ground running with MiFID II compliance.


As a provider of Direct Electronic Access (DEA) to investment firms engaged in algorithmic trading, you face many challenges providing a cost-effective environment to certify the resiliency of their connectivity and trading applications, as well as maintaining an accurate audit trail. The comprehensive enterprise ETP C-Box has been designed to help you meet these challenges and control the cost of MiFID II compliance.
[Ref: MiFID II ‐ RTS 6 ‐ Chapter II, Article 6]

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ETP C-Box - Certification Task

Depend on us for certainty and efficiency.

Your business depends on the reliable exchange of critical financial information - received from counterparties and transmitted to markets. ETP C-BOX gives you a single-window access to all on-boarding and certification data, log files, documents, certificates and reports. It has been developed in collaboration with industry participants to support standard protocols, including FIX, as well as proprietary protocols. It all adds up to the certainty and efficiency your business needs, with lower operational risks and reduced costs.

Multi-Protocol Connectivity

Certify your counterparties and exchange members for FIX, ITCH/OUCH, as well as proprietary trading protocols. Currently the only platform on the market supporting NASDAQ® Genium INET® [OMnet]

Web Access

Provide access, for both you and your counterparties, to all ETP C-BOX features from your web browser. No need to install any software.

Compliance Reporting

Fulfil MiFID II requirements by retaining certification results for five years, including retention policies for log files and documents.

Cloud Deployment Option

Start using ETP C-BOX directly from the cloud without installing any software. All covered by an enterprise SLA for your peace of mind.

Enterprise Features

Enjoy multi-region deployments, white-labelling, customized features, multi-language support, and much more.

Audit Trails

Retain detailed certification data, including system log files, client-side log files, sign-off documents, certificates and emails.

MiFID II certification solutions to match your needs.

At Esprow, we are committed to helping you increase the efficiency of your business by delivering sustained cost reductions and streamlined workflows.

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